The Clash

On a cold grey 1977 punky London afternoon I arrived at Rehearsal Rehearsals, an urban squat littered with old barbers chairs, collapsed sofas, empty beer cans and food containers, bits of wire everywhere, piles of rubbish, a jukebox and Paul Simonon tearing from room to room firing his bb gun at anything or anyone that moved. It was in this hazardous environment, inside this urban war zone that i was dispatched by the record company to photograph The Clash.


ReggaeXplosion started life in the summer of 2000 as a heated argument. Should the project be called ReggaeXplosion or more accurately Reggae Explosion. ReggaeXplosion – all one word – won the day, but it didn’t last, by the time the USA version of the book was published the name reverted to Reggae Explosion. The project was to be a book and an exhibition.

Babylon on a Thin Wire

Claudie Massop never knew what hit him. He’d been out playing football, scored a couple of goals, and he was in a taxi on his way home with a couple of mates and they ran into a roadblock. The police reckoned they found a gun. They probably did. They hauled Claudie and his mate out of the car and put them up against the wall. Then they told the taxi-driver to run, and he didn’t need to be told twice, he ran like hell. Shots were fired. When they brought him in, Claudie had half a dozen bullets in his back. You could see the holes under his arms. Not long after, Bucky Marshall ended up face down in a flaky Brooklyn disco. They’d overshot the mark. They’d outlived their usefulness.


Jamaica, a Caribbean island nation with a lush topography of mountains, rainforests and reef-lined beaches. Many of its world class resorts are clustered on the vibrant north coast, with its British colonial architecture, Goldeneye – home of Ian Fleming 007, Firefly home of Noel Coward and Negril, renowned for its diving and snorkelling. Jamaica is birthplace of Reggae, and Bob Marley.


To be fair I hadn’t realised just how enormous this French electronic music duo are. Dispatched off to Paris in the middle of 2011  to do a rare band photosession with a vague brief that the images should have a retro, film, Leica feel.  Traditional film and processing being the order of the day. so


Cheb Khaled (Khaled Hadj Ibrahim) producer. Following threats from Islamists, Khaled moved to France. Chaba Fadel, a Raï musician and actress was the first woman to defy the ban on women singing in clubs. Rachid Baba Ahmed Algerian musical producer with his studio in tlemcen pioneered Ria music. He was murdered by Islamic fundamentalists on February 15, 1995, outside his record store in Oran.

Grateful Dead

It’s September 1978 and London is damp, grey and miserable. Another Punk Rock winter is setting in, monochromatic, ripped black clothes, BDSM, conflict, aggressive vibes, the winter of discontent. The rainbow days are long gone. The good vibes, psychadelic Kodachome lifestyle, beautiful people, hippies, the electric cool aid acid test, free Love.. all gone, just faint memories. The LSD has been replaced by Heroin, disposable incomes replaced with poverty.

Back in the USSR

Winter 1988 – Chris Salewicz, Billy Bragg, Peter Jenner and myself take a winter break in the Soviet Union. The stories that unfolded during this cold war vacation became the subject of a book called Midnights in Moscow published the following year.

Suicide in New York

Suicide, Alan Vega and Martin Rev that is, struggled out of bed and without breakfast, without any complaint, and followed me outside for the photosession. How often in New York can you shoot a band in the middle of the road without being arrested for obstruction or J-walking. For an hour or so the location was all mine.

Gallery T-Shirts

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