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Girl with mobile phone at Strawberry Hill – Jamaica

Email Adrian Boot : [email protected]

Telephone : 01308 458039  (UK)

Mobile : 07831 362860 (UK)

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  1. Hi Adrian
    It’s Barry Cain and we spoke at the launch of your punk exhibition at Proud last year. Hope you’re well and sorry to trouble you. I’m involved in a ’77 punk book/exhibition project with the Nicetime team who put on the Jam exhibitions at Somerset House and in Liverpool (Paul Weller’s sister Nicky is part of the team). The book is stuffed with contributions from most of the big hitters of the day and just wondered what photos you might have that would be suitable and not often seen?
    If you could let me know and I’ll put you in touch with Nicky. Told Alf Martin I would contact you and he sends a big hello!
    Cheers mate

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