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So it’s been a while since I lasted update this. Like everyone else, I have been spending much of the last couple of years trying to avoid the virus. Some of the stuff I’ve been doing since I covered Glastonbury back in 2019 includes my work with The Bob Marley Saachi exhibition and The Postman, The Bob Marley Musical, and the incorporation of the late Jean-Bernard Sohiez photo archive into Urbanimage.

The Bob Marley One Love Experience

Bob Marley

This wasn’t my exhibition. It was the brainchild Of Cedella Marley and the family. An exhibition immersing audiences on a journey through his lifestyle, passions, influences, and enduring legacy. I did contribute many of the photographs and collaborated with the Brighton art collective The Postman a cool bunch of people creating some great street art. It opened at London’s Saatchi Gallery this February and is now set to tour the world. View a short video from the opening HERE

One Love
Bob Marley


I talked myself into photographing some of the 2019 Glastonbury Festival .. It’s been a very long time since I was last at a rock festival, so I wasn’t expecting to enjoy it as much as I did. Ran into lots of old friends and even discovered some amazing new (to me) artists. A biblical multitude of people, many stages and so many artists. I tried to plan and shoot just a few but often my efforts were thwarted by uncooperative artists. I thought Kyle Minogue might be fun to cover but she had a very strictly controlled closed photo pit. No doubt fearful of all those 600 mm zoom lenses magnifying any cosmetic flaws.

Baby Metal

Then came the rush to cover a rather odd but visually interesting Japanese girl band called Baby Metal. They were sold to me as a sort of Manga meets a heavy metal version of the spice girls. Anyway, it wasn’t to be, the band’s management wanted all photographers to sign a contract giving control of the pictures to the band’s management, and this was only moments before the band came onstage.

Talk about signing contracts under duress .. i didn’t sign so this is all I got as Baby Metal tries and escape the photographers.

Super Heroes at Glastonbury 2019

Thankfully most of the artists were relaxed and enjoyed the photographer’s attention. MILEY CYRUS that stadium superstar actually complained to security as the photographers in the pit were ushered out after the regulation first three numbers. The photographers even dressed up as superheroes. Miley insisted that they should all be allowed back in for the 8th, 9th, and 10th, etc. songs. Her show was great .. what a cool lady.


The show I enjoyed most was the surprisingly good Billie Eilish performing on Glastonbury’s Other Stage. The biggest audience ever for this stage and the crowd knew all the lyrics. Thousands of people singing along to “Bad Guy” a bizarre mega karaoke.

Billie  Eilish Live at Glastonbury 2019
The remarkable 17 year old Billie Eilish live on the Other stage Glastonbury 2019.


And of course, STORMZY headlining the Pyramid stage with his Banksy-designed stab vest. Stormzy became the first black British solo artist to headline Glastonbury in its 49-year history. Stormzy wore the vest as a comment on Britain’s knife-crime crisis and racial inequality in the criminal justice system. The show was an urban spectacular.

Stormzy Michael Ebenazer Kwadjo Omari Owuo Jr. known professionally as Stormzy, Grime music at its best. Performs at Glastonbury 2019. Headlines the Pyramid stage

Some of the other notable acts I photographed over the three days include a new outfit called DARKMATTA performing on the Glade stage, The brilliant Irish rock band HOZIER, The legendary JOHNNIE MARR, a serious-looking LIAM GALLAGHER, a not quite working for LAURYN HILL as she struggled with technical issues, a lovable and exciting MAGGIE ROGERS, a not very good GEORGE EZRA, a reasonable VAMPIRE WEEKEND and the British Synth-Pop band YEARS AND YEARS. To finish check out the Glastonbury 2019 audience and atmosphere GALLERY Photos by myself and Rosie Temple.


Talking about the success of Stormzy and Grime music our exhibition celebrating British Black Music – 70 years since Windrush and 50 years of reggae opened at the end of last year. We spent most of last year building this exhibition. If you missed it check HERE

Bass Culture exhibition
Researching the Bass Culture exhibition

GRACE JONES .. Back in 2016

2016 and I flew from Exeter airport to Dublin for this show. The gigs were being filmed as part of an upcoming documentary about the 68-year-old Jamaican Diva. The project, involving Irish production companies Blinder Films and Sligoville, had been on the go for over ten years under the direction of Sophie Fiennes, the sister of actors Ralph and Joseph. The film was shown on the BBC in 2017 and I last saw Grace at Goldeneye Jamaica in 2018.

Grace Jones
Grace Jones



The late great RANKING ROGER was the enigmatic frontman of the multicultural band THE BEAT, representing the youthful and joyous sound of the post-punk 2 Tone movement. Rogers book “I Just Can’t Stop It” and his untimely death in 2019 generated a lot of activity around the Beat. Urbanimage supplied photos for the book as well as numerous online and print magazines and features.

Roger Rankin and the Beat
Roger Rankin and the Beat

Visit the BEAT GALLEY and then Check out the BOOK


They headlined our mini-festival close to home in Bridport. It was called The Jurassic Fields Festival. Jurassic because this is The Jurassic Coast .. dinosaurs and fossils, etc. I have known Greg and Leo from back in the Big Audio Dynamite days. Click on the image to view the gallery.

Dread Zone
Dread Zone Live at the Jurassic Fields event


Researched and supplied many of the images for Simon Wells new book on Quadrophenia. The 1979 classic mod movie loosely based on The Who’s 1973 rock opera of the same name, directed by Frank Roddam and starring Phil Daniels as the protagonist ‘Jimmy’.
The book is heavily illustrated throughout and with a selection of previously unpublished images and released to coincide with the 40th anniversary of the film.

Riot Scene - Quadrophenia Brighton 1979
Riot Scene – Quadrophenia Brighton 1979



Lots of activity around The Clash. Colin Coulter’s new book on The Clash and Belfast during the troubles “Working For The Clampdown”. A Clash exhibition at the ONO Gallery in Bologna Italy and a picture book by Martin Popoff “The Clash – All the Albums – All the Songs”.

For more information on The Clash Archive and for some of the stories behind these photosessions visit The Clash Story

Adrian Boot Photography News and Updates 2019


A gallery of some my most popular prints.

This is an online exhibition of photographs that customers and friends have chosen this year to hang in their homes and offices around the world. Click on an image if you are interested in buying a print or click on the view gallery link and browse.

Prints are in signed editions of 25. Here is a basic price/size guide for printing on 270 gsm archival photo lustre paper.

16X24”  ( 400X600 mm ) on 17X26″ paper £ 350 signed edition / 16X12” ( 400X300 mm ) on 17X15″ paper £ 250 signed edition – FRAMES NOT INCLUDED – Larger 24X34″ editions printed on 320 gsm Platinum Baryta fine art paper are available. However not all image can be enlarged .. please ask – Family friends and FB friends can ask for a discount. All prices quoted include EU or UK shipping. USA and rest of the world please add £15

Bob Marley. A gallery of some of the years most popular prints
U17050 Bob Marley and the Wailers group shot taken at the Kensington Hilton London 1980 – Signed edition fine art pigment print. current edition 4/25 image size 15X17″

Grace Jones at a Studio 54 party New York 1981 A gallery of some of the years most popular prints
U02144 Grace Jones at a Studio 54 party New York 1981 – Signed edition fine art pigment print current edition 7/25 image size 15X20″

The Clash. A gallery of some of the years most popular prints
U17958 The Clash, London Westway 1977 – Signed edition fine art pigment print current edition 7/25 image size 15X20″

Peter Tosh at Hellshire Beach. A gallery of some of the years most popular prints
U07804 Peter Tosh at Hellshire Beach Kingston Jamaica 1978 – Signed edition fine art pigment print current edition 6/25 image size 15X15″

The Sex Pistols. A gallery of some of the years most popular prints.
U06851 The Sex Pistols, London Oxford Street Glitterbest photosession 1977 – Signed edition fine art pigment print current edition 4/25 image size 15X20″

Billie Eilish Glastonbury 2019. A gallery of some of the years most popular prints
U18174 Billie Eilish live on the Other Stage Glastonbury 2019 – Signed edition fine art pigment print current edition 3/25 image size 15X20″

Jerry Garcia. A gallery of some of the years most popular prints
U02111 Jerry Garcia at Saqqara. The Grateful Dead Egypt 1978 – Signed edition fine art pigment print. 15X20″ edition SOLD OUT .. available as 24X34″ only

Swing-a-Ling mobile record shop. A gallery of some of the years most popular prints
U07917 Charlie Ace’s Swing-a-Ling mobile record shop and recording studio. Kingston Jamaica 1973 – Signed edition fine art pigment print current edition 8/25 image size 15X17″

 The Clash. A gallery of some of the years most popular prints
U07029 The Clash Photosession in Belfast 1977 – Signed edition fine art pigment print current edition 16/25 image size 15X20″

Led Zeppelin. A gallery of some of the years most popular prints
U10689 Robert Plant and Jimmy Page. Led Zeppelin at Earls Court Arena London 1975 – Signed edition fine art pigment print current edition 21/25 image size 15X15″

Blondie. A gallery of some of the years most popular prints
U07156 Blondie contact sheet. Debbie Harry live in London 1977 – Signed edition fine art pigment print current edition 7/25 image size 15X16″

Kate Bush A gallery of some of the years most popular prints
U04039 Kate Bush during a 1980 video shoot – Signed edition fine art pigment print current edition 7/25 image size 15X20″

Paul and Linda A gallery of some of the years most popular prints
U07264 Paul and Linda McCartney at Soho Square office 1980 – Signed edition fine art pigment print current edition 4/25 image size 15X20″

Johnny Rotten an online exhibition of photographs
U16888 Johnny Rotten – Sex Pistols Oxford Street Glitterbest photo session – 1977 Signed edition fine art pigment print current edition 12/25 image size 15X20″

Bob Marley
U11769 Bob Marley in His Tuff Gong studio Kingston Jamaica 1979 – Signed edition fine art pigment print current edition 15/25 image size 15X20″

The Buzzcocks
U00990 Buzzcocks in Manchester 1979 – Signed edition fine art pigment print current edition 7/25 image size 15X20″

Prints  Eric Clapton - Sting and Jeff Beck
U14486 Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck, and Eric Clapton – Sting and Jeff Beck 1982 Secret Policeman’s Ball 1982 – Signed edition fine art pigment print current edition 7/25 image size 15X20″


Magazine covers

A selection of magazine covers that have featured my images over the years. Click on the bottom of the cover to view the source photosession.


Working for the last year with the production team at Standard 8 and Mykaell Riley director of the Bass Culture Music Unit at the University of Westminster to try and make this slightly over ambitious exhibition project happen.

Bass Culture 70/50: UK’s largest Jamaican music exhibition highlighting the Windrush generation’s impact on Britainc70 years since Windrush and 50 years of reggae.

London, 25th October 2018: Bass Culture 70/50 – a four-week exhibition exploring the impact of Jamaican and Jamaican-influenced music on British culture finally opened and was very sucessful with great press and reviews .


The Bass Culture exhibitionfeatured previously unseen artwork, specially commissioned film, top industry speakers, UK reggae label pop-up showcases, live performances, and over 70 hours of individual testimonies, linking – for the first time – the memories and experiences of black British musicians, industry practitioners, academics and audiences.


Bass Culture photography was selected from the extensive historical archive at Camera Press, Ramesh Sharma, Herbie Knott, Oliver Waterlow, Chris Poole, Jean Bernard Sohiez, Adrian Boot, Richard Saunders, The Bristol Archive, Don Letts, Mark Painter, Urbanimage Media and many more.

The exhibition was staged by Bass Culture Research, a three-year Arts and Humanities Research Council funded project set up to explore the impact of Jamaican music in the UK. The project made headlines last year after issuing The Grime Report, which led to the withdrawal of Form 696, a controversial risk assessment form criticised for being discriminatory and targeting genres such as grime.

While Jamaican music has been fundamental to the development of multicultural Britain, its influence has arguably never been recognised. Following recent moves to ramp up police stop and search powers, together with claims that Jamaican-influenced genres such as drill are fuelling gang wars, marginalisation and discrimination risks being on the rise again. Bass Culture 70/50 seeks to challenge these negative interpretations and rather recognise the impact of Jamaican culture on not only the musical canon but on British culture and identity itself.


Black Music Research Website

BASS CULTURE youtube                     BASS CULTURE facebook

This exhibition is one of several outputs from the Bass Culture Research Project, a three-year AHRC-Funded exploration of the impact of Jamaican music in the UK


Magazine covers
Important Magazine covers

Photography and  Biography  – The most recent edition of my timeline project and it’s still incomplete and full of mistakes .. but slowly coming together.  If anyone has a better recall than me, especially with dates, it would be much appreciated. I have to admit that back in those early years the fog of Sinsemilla often ensured a confused version of events. A journey into travel and music photography.

1970 – Finished University and moved to Jamaica to teach physics at Titchfield School in Port Antonio. My new wife Lynne and I travelled to Jamaica on the SS Begona together with hundreds of Jamaicans returning home to Jamaica.

SS Begona - Adrian Boot's Photographic Biography
SS Begona leaves Southampton for Jamaica 1970

Seasick for half the 3 wk voyage but did rediscover Reggae music in the below decks Shebeen. The Begona was finally broken up for  scrap in 1975 after nearly sinking off the coast of Barbados.

Titchfield School - Adrian Boot's Photographic Biography
Teaching Staff at Titchfield School

1971 – 1972  Spent every hour of my spare time photographing Jamaica for a Thames and Hudson book “ Babylon on a Thin Wire” Now in its third edition, you can still buy it on Amazon etc. The archive of images that became this book can be viewed on my archive website  HERE

First and Last Rum Bar - Port Antonio -- Adrian Boot's Photographic Biography
Early morning end of party at the First and Last Rum Bar – Port Antonio

1973 – First photographic commission to cover The Rolling Stones “Goats head Soup” recording sessions at Dynamic Sounds studio in Kingston Jamaica. Black and white film in a beaten up old Pentax, no flash just available light and processed in a blacked out cupboard back in Port Antonio.  Shot the now iconic Charlie Ace’s Swing-a-Ling mobile record store on one of many excusions to Kingston. Spent the long summer school holidays travelling across the USA by Grayhound bus from Miami to San Francisco with a formative time staying with Rolling Stone writer Robert Greenfield in Carmel and Big Sur, the shooting ground of master photographer Ansel Adams. It was here i really discovered photography, armed with a copy of Adams Zone System book and inspired by the US west coast photographic community my sole interest changed from physics and chemistry to photography . Back in jamaica  I managed to build a small darkroom, raiding the school science lab to make basic developers and fixers etc. and buying a second hand enlarger from the only photography shop in Kingston.

Charlie Ace’s Swing-a-Ling mobile - - Adrian Boot's Photographic Biography
Charlie Ace’s Swing-a-Ling mobile record and recording shop and studio – 1973

1974 – Returned to the UK from Jamaica. Freelance photographer for Island Records. Early photo sessions with Toots and Maytals, Eddie Grant and the Equals, Kevin Ayers.

Kevin Ayers - - Adrian Boot's Photographic Biography
Kevin Ayers in London

1975 – Freelance for Blackhill Enterprises. Blackhill was a rock music management company as a partnership by the four original members of Pink Floyd with Peter Jenner and Andrew King.  From their office on West London I photographed The Damned, many Roy Harper photo sessions, Alberto Y Lost Trios paranoias, The Edgar Broughton Band and Ian Dury.  Covered the Abba London concert and Led Zeppelin London concert as a freelance.  Opened the “Words and Faces” studio in Camden with the late great Finn Costello. Important photosessions with  Marianne Faithfull , Peter Green, Ian Dury with Kilburn and the High Roads. The year climaxed in July with the iconic Bob Marley concert at London’s Lyceum Theatre. Photography on Urbanimage.TV

Bob Marley - Adrian Boot's Photographic Biography
Bob Marley – Live at the Lyceum

1976 – A year of crucial photosessions. The Ramones first London photosession, The Clash Westway sessions, Pattie Smith and Punk Rock for the NME and Melody Maker, Bob Marley Carlos Place photosession, Steeleye Span, The Stranglers studio session, Devo in Acron Ohio, Returned to Jamaica to cover the violent 1976 elections.

Patti Smith Live - Adrian Boot's Photographic Biography
Patti Smith Live at London’s Roundhouse -1976

1977 – published  BABYLON ON A THIN WIRE (Adrian Boot & Michael Thomas ), The Clash Camden and Belfast sessions, The Sex Pistols Oxford street sessions. Blondie live in London, Steel Pulse concert. Then back in Jamaica for Island Records photographing Bob Marley, Lee Perry, Burning Spear, Peter Tosh. London shoots with Graham Parker and the Rumour, The Ramones London concert, Bob Marley football match, Roy Harper and Pink Floyd at Abbey Road studios, Generation X at the Marquee and the Marc Bolan London concert.  Everything in this Photographic Biography and more  can be searched and viewed on my archive site

The Clash backstage
The Clash backstage at London’s Rainbow Theatre – group shot 1977

1978 – Staff photographer at Melody Maker, Jerry Garcia and The Grateful Dead in Egypt  for the Melody Maker.  Fela Kuti in Lagos, First Africa trip to Nigeria and Togo. The Rolling Stones in Jamaica, Blondie sessions in the USA,  Peter Tosh Hellshire beach session, Bunny Wailer at home in Hectors river Jamaica, The Jam photo session, Jimmy Pursey for the Melody Maker (cover), Marianne Faithful studio session, Bob Marley Peace concert.

Fela Kuti's Wives
Fela Kuti’s Wives at the Shrine – Lagos

1979 – Photographing the NY Punk scene for the Melody Maker, Suicide in New York.  The Grace Jones New York Rooftop session, and an evening at NY’s Studio 54. Back in Jamaica for Lee Scratch Perry “Black Ark” sessions, Goldeneye and Strawberry Hil Jamaica sessions. Hanging out with Bob Marley at Hope Road Kingston. Back in the UK with Siouxsie and the Banshees, Ian Dury, The Police, Buzzcocks in Manchester. Then back to the Caribbean – on set for the Countryman film in Jamaica and Dire Straits in the Bahamas. Chuck Berry,  Rolling Stones London concert, Tom Petty in San Francisco, Steel Pulse Brixton and Berlin sessions, The Heptones, LKJ and Darcus Howe at Race Today and Third World.

Grace Jones Adrian Boot's Photographic Biography
Grace Jones – New York Roof Photosessions – 1981

1980 – Bruce Springsteen London concert, Marvin Gaye last London session, Kiss in Rome, Paul and Linda McCartney, The Runaways, Quadrophenia, Blondie USA, Three Degrees studio session, Kate Bush,  early U2 concert and Bruce Springsteen. The Jam, Compass Point Studios Nassua Bahamas, Blondie in Texas, The Clash Manchester Apollo, The Pretenders, Sex Pistols concert, Andy Warhole at the Ritz, Matumbi.

Blondie Adrian Boot's Photographic Biography
Blondie – Debbie Harry on the set of the Movie “Roadie” – Texas

1981 – The book “Bob Marley : Soul Rebel – Natural Mystic” published by Adrian Boot and Vivian Goldman, Aswad West London sessions, BB King, Eric Clapton, Marianne Faithful Island Fallout Shelter session. The Specials Brighton concert stage riot, The Slits, early U2 group session, Tom Tom Club in Nassua, Bob Marley’s funeral in Jamaica, The Beat, Al Green, Madness, The Stranglers, Ray Davies, Siouxsie Sioux Creatures bathroom session, Tom Waits in London, Marianne Faithful with Lucky Gordon, The Plasmatics for Stiff Records.

Specials concert in Brighton Adrian Boot's Photographic Biography
Specials concert in Brighton. Stage invasion brings the concert to a climax.

1982JAH REVENGE: BABYLON REVISITED (Adrian Boot & Michael Thomas), Peter Gabriel at home,  Kid Creole New York sessions. U2 USA tour Atlanta and Chicago . Sly and Robbie, Jamaican Historic Buildings, Noel Coward exhibition at Firefly,  Bananarama, The Slits, Sly and Robbie, Tom Tom Club at Compass Point studios Nassau Bahamas. Generation X, Dexys Midnight Runners and the Late Jamaican Poet Michael Smith.

The Slits Adrian Boot's Photographic Biography
The Slits bathroom session contact sheet. 1982

1983 – B52’s Paris sessions, left The Melody Maker to become Island Records in house photographer. Working for Island Records in Jamaica Artists and Hotels .. Colombia .. Algeria .. Nigeria, and many other parts of the world. Grace Jones photosession New York, Gregory Isaacs Jamaica, Def Leppard, Simple Minds on the Clyde, and Aswad.

B52's Paris 1983 - Photographic Biography
B52’s Paris 1983

1984Grace Jones One Man Show and a year as Top of the Pops photographer for the BBC . Virgin Records Richard Branson, Photographer for Actual Magazine in Paris, Sigue Sigue Sputnik, Musical Youth and a Trinidad trip.

Sigue Sigue Sputnik - - Photographic Biography
Sigue Sigue Sputnik back stage bar photos

1985 – Working with Bob Geldoff, Official photographer for Live Aid, Philadelphia USA. Tom Waits in New York and Paris, Gil Scott Heron. Frankie Goes to Hollywood and the Live Aid book

Tom Waits with Rickie Lee Jones - Photographic Biography
Tom Waits with Rickie Lee Jones backstage – Paris 1985

1986Big Audio Dynamite sessions.  With Chris Salewicz in Almeria Spain on the Straight to Hell movie set. Jamaica tourist photography, Courtney Pine and Carmel, Yellowman, PIL, Anthax.

Laughing Water Beach - Photographic Biography
Laughing Water Beach – Jamaica

1987 – On the road with the Motor Head European tour, Gregory Isaacs studio session,  Annie Lennox in  Paris, Trinidad sessions with David Rudder the Calypso star, Andy Sheppard, Randy Newman, Public Image Limited. and countless more. A busy time for a photographic biography like this, visit  show for more, just type 1987 into the search box.

Motorhead - my photographic biography
Motorhead – London 1987

1988 – Chris Salewicz, Billy Bragg, Peter Jenner and myself take a winter break in the Soviet Union. The stories that unfolded during this cold war vacation became the subject of a book called Midnights in Moscow published the following year.  Back in the USA photographed Depeche Mode at the Hollywood Bowl.  Yusuf Islam Cat Stevens, The Cure, Algeria Rai Music, Los Van Van, Reggae Philharmonic Orchestra, Salif Keita.

Moscow - USSR - 1988 photographic biography
Billy Bragg Cris Salewicz and peter Jenner in Moscow – USSR – 1988

1989Notting Hill Carnival sessions. Green peace and back to the  Soviet Union, U2 in USSR and then to Jamaica  Womack and Womack sessions.  William Burroughs USA session, Duran Duran, Los Van Van concert, Lee Perry Zurich session, Thomas Mapfumo, Salif Keita, Erasure.

Womack and Womack
Womack and Womack – House of Zekkariyas – Jamaica

1990 – Music in Colombia – Medellin, Cartagena. Roger Water’s The Wall in Berlin. Begin photographing African Music. First Baaba Maal photosession. Alan Ginsburg. Bob Marley Songs of Freedom Exhibition London, Orbis Flying Eye Hospital Africa trip, Discos Fuentes, Africa National Congress, Barrington Levi, Benjamin Zephaniah, Tippa Irie

Benjamin Zephaniah
Benjamin Zephaniah Dub Poet studio photosession 1990

1991 – U2 Achtung Babe, LKJ studio session, Gerry Rafferty at home. Bob Marley Songs of Freedom Exhibition Paris and New York, Freddie McGregor

Bono - U2
Bono – U2 Achtung Baby Live London 1991

1992 – Greenpeace U2 at Sellafield Atomic Power Station.

U2 Band with manager Paul McGuinness on a boat trip to a radioactive Sellafield beach dressed in anti radiation suits for a 1992 Greenpeace Demo.

1993 – Jimi Hendix Project – Ultimate Experience Exhibition. Collecting Jimi Hendrix photographs from photographers around the world .. I have never photographed Jimi, so it was interesting for me to curate an exhibition of other photographers work.

Jimi Hendrix
The Jimi Hendrix exhibition

1994 – Jimi Hendix Ultimate Experience Exhibition London and New York. Baaba Maal concert.

1995JIMI HENDRIX: THE ULTIMATE EXPERIENCE (Adrian Boot & Chris Salewicz).  BOB MARLEY: SONGS OF FREEDOM (Adrian Boot & Chris Salewicz), Baaba Maal Africa trip Senegal photosessions, Salif Keita, Luciano studio session, Chakademus and Pliers.

Baaba Maal
Baaba Maal in Senegal

1996PUNK: THE ILLUSTRATED HISTORY OF A MUSIC REVOLUTION (Adrian Boot & Chris Salewicz). Egypt Tutankhamun at the Cairo Museum, Elisabeth Valletti, Firefly Noel Coward museum project, Dean Fraser.

Elisabeth Valletti
Elisabeth Valletti

1997 – Nelson Mandella in London. 2nd Senegal trip. Ernest Ranglin, ‪Lee Perry Indian Chief, Malik Sow, Angelique Kidjo, Prince Buster

Nelson Mandela
Nelson Mandela – London 1997

1998 – First India trip, travel photography, Sidestepper, Palm Pictures, Talvin Sing, Los Van Van


1999FIREFLY: NOEL COWARD IN JAMAICA (Adrian Boot & Chris Salewicz), UB40 photo session, Tinariwen at Womad. British Council in Iraq and Jordan;

UB40 in Studio – Birmingham 1999

2000 – Lagos, West Africa Island Trading trip, Buju Banton, Morocco Trip, Wayne Wonder, Dillinger. Created with Felix Boot and Richard Horsey as a small independent eclectic photo agency.

Big Youth
Big Youth

2001REGGAE EXPLOSION: THE STORY OF JAMAICAN MUSIC by Adrian Boot & Chris Salewicz (2001). Trafalger Square Nelson Mandela concert. Baaba Maal Studio sessions, 2nd India trip .. Buddhism.

Bodh Gaya
Candles at the feet of Buddha – Bodh Gaya

2002 – Reggae Explosion Museum opens after a 6 month build – Ocho Rios Jamaica. South Africa trip, Alextown and Soweto. Beresford Hammond, Channel One Studios

Beresford Hammond
Beresford Hammond at home in Jamaica 2002

2003 – Hackney Ocean World Music awards. 3rd India Trip, Valley of the Flowers, Yoga, Cast in Morocco, Mad Capsule Markets in Amsterdam, Spiritualized.

Mad Capsule Markets
Mad Capsule Markets .. Amsterdam photosession 2003

2004 – One Giant Leap sessions. Palm Pictures photographer, Gilles Peterson, Sly and Robbie.

Gilles Peterson
Gilles Peterson at home 2004

2005 – Jamaica again .. Hotel tourist photography, Baaba Maal, Goldeneye Hotel, Jakes Hotel , Strawberry Hill Hotel , The Caves Hotel, Baaba Maal, Notting Hill Carnival, Luciano in Senegal, Van Morrison, BB King

Irish Town Jamaica
Children – Irish Town jamaica 2005

2006 – Brown Punk Sessions, Tricky.  4th India Trip – Ladakh.

Tricky – 2006 Brownpunk sessions

2007 – Palm Pictures photography, Jamaica Hotels, Asian Dub Foundation.

Treasure Beach Jamaica
Yoga with a view – Girl at Jakes Spa – Treasure Beach Jamaica

2008 – Sri Lanka, Cambodia and Thailand travel photography. Ethiopiques at the Barbican London, Karen Hill Tribes.

Ethiopiques Live music photography
Ethiopiques at the Barbican London

2009 – Anoushka Shankar, Island 50 concerts. Island 50 Exhibition. Jamaica travel photography at Goldeneye, Strawberry Hill, Jakes, The Caves, Island Outpost Hotel sessions, Podor Concert, Senegal trip, Africa Express Liverpool

Strawberry Hill Hotel - Jamaica travel photography
Blue Mountain View from the Spa – Strawberry Hill Hotel – Jamaica

2010 – Montreux Jazz festival, Clash – London Calling Exhibition at the Proud London, Jimmy Cliff

The Clash Music photography
The Clash exhibition

2011 – Kashmir Srinagar trip. Taj Mahal photography, Paris video shoot Justice, VV Brown, Rajasthan.

Kashmir Srinagar Travel Photography
Kashmir Srinagar – Lake Dal

2012 – Baaba Maal studio sessions. Grateful Dead in Egypt book.

Baaba Maal Music Photography
Baaba Maal 2012 Studio portraits

2013 – Photography in Vietnam,  Shindig concert

Ha Long Bay - Vietnam Travel Photography
Sunrise – Ha Long Bay – Vietnam

2014 – Andaman Islands Trip, Notting Hill Carnival, Babylon on a Thin Wire updated and published in France.

Elephant on the Beach - Travel Photography
Elephant on the Beach – Andaman Islands 2014

2015 – Moved to Dorset.

West Bay rainbow - Dorset photography
West Bay rainbow – Dorset

2016/17 – Photography for Grace Jones – The Musical of My Life film Dublin BBC. 40 Years of Punk Exhibition at the Proud London .

Grace Jones Dublin 2016 - photography
Grace Jones Dublin 2016


The Clash exhibition opened just before Xmas and ended early in the new year 2011. It was an exhibition based around 3 important 1977 photo sessions with some live and backstage bits and pieces added to the mix. The Clash Story had a theme favored by The Proud Gallery was “London Calling” the Clash in London. Not strictly true, since one of the 3 important photo sessions was The Clash in Belfast.  The other two main sections were The Clash at the Camden Rehearsal Studios and The Clash under London’s A40 Westway. Maybe it should have been called “UK Calling.  The Proud Gallery in Camden is located at more or less the same location as the original Clash rehearsal studios.  Aptly named “Rehearsal Rehearsals” it was also my first encounter with The Clash.

This is a link to our THE CLASH photography archive HERE.

Continue reading THE CLASH STORY


The Most Beautiful Island in the Caribbean

Beautiful Jamaica, a Caribbean island nation with a lush topography of mountains, rainforests and reef-lined beaches. Many of its world class resorts are clustered on the vibrant north coast, with its British colonial architecture, Goldeneye – home of Ian Fleming 007, Firefly home of Noel Coward and Negril, renowned for its diving and snorkelling.  Jamaica is birthplace of Reggae, and Bob Marley.

Strawberry Hill - Jamaica
Girl with mobile phone at Strawberry Hill – Jamaica

Though the original Georgian house on Strawberry Hill was destroyed in the hurricane of 1988, the new building maintains a traditional feel. Strawberry Hill, the resort, was created by Chris Blackwell as a salon for friends like Bob Marley and the Rolling Stones.


Royal Palm Villa at Goldeneye – Jamaica

Goldeneye was the name given by Ian Fleming to his estate in Oracabessa, Jamaica. He purchased the land next door to Golden Clouds estate and built his house on the edge of a cliff, overlooking a private beach. The original house was a modest structure consisting of three bedrooms and a swimming pool. Fleming’s coterie of friends who visited him at Goldeneye included actors, musicians and filmmakers. Today it is a very special luxury hotel that still entertains celebrities with its pristine beaches and eclectic lifestyle.

Ian Flemings home
Fleming Beach at Goldeneye – Ian Flemings home – 1976

The relaxed beauty of the natural island landscape accented by vividly designed cottages is the defining visual aesthetic of Jakes. The resort’s winding beachfront property features a mosaic tiled sea-water swimming pool, paved pathways between rooms and to and from the beach, and shady, low-slung palm, ackee, almond, coconut and guinep trees that are complimented by aloe vera plants, pine cactus, desert rose and bougainvillea.

Treasure Beach Jamaica
Floyd’s Pelican Bar – off shore bar and leisure centre – Treasure Beach Jamaica

Poised on the limestone cliffs of Negril’s scenic West End in Jamaica, The Caves capture the essence of a seductive ocean front sanctuary.

Romantic Seaview – The Caves – Negril Jamaica

Noël Coward’s mountaintop Jamaican home and burial site was originally owned by the infamous pirate and one-time governor of Jamaica, Sir Henry Morgan (1635-1688). Named for the luminous insects seen in the warm evenings, Firefly estate has entertained a wide range of luminaries from the political and entertainment worlds, including both the Queen Mother and Queen Elizabeth II, Sir Winston Churchill, Sir Laurence Olivier, Sophia Loren, Elizabeth Taylor, Sir Alec Guinness, Peter O’Toole, Richard Burton, and neighbours Errol Flynn, Ruth Bryan Owen and Ian Fleming.

Noel Coward
Firefly Jamaica – Noel Coward’s record player

Beautiful Jamaica boasts an array of indigenous plants and wildlife which are considered to be among its most prized natural treasures. This biodiversity is supported by the island’s tropical climate which averages a year round temperature of 85 degrees. The diverse landscape of forests, rivers and marshlands also contribute to the island’s rich ecosystem.

Goldeneye - Jamaica
Exotic Jamaican Garden – Goldeneye

Beautiful Jamaica is much more than Reggae, Parties, Sex, Dancehall, Clubs, Rum and Urban Kingston. It is also by far one of the most beautiful countries on the planet. Outside the confines of the all inclusive hotels, Jamaica is a vacation paradise like no other. These galleries are for anyone thinking about a holiday in Jamaica . It is also for anyone who can’t go to Jamaica but wishes they could.

Frenchmans Cove Beach
Frenchmans Cove Beach – Port Antonio Jamaica

You can find these events and photosession mentioned in my Biography and Timeline.  For more on the Jamaica  story go to or click on one of the links below.


Urban Jamaica
Urban Jamaica – Junior Murvin at home in Port Antonio Jamaica

Jamaican music has had a thoroughly disproportionate effect on the rest of the world – an astonishing achievement for a tiny Caribbean island which has a population of just three million people. Spearheaded by the popularity of reggae and the figurehead of Bob Marley, its reverberating rhythms have found a resonance with a diverse international audience. This newly updated edition of Reggae Explosion charts the course of this extraordinary cultural revolution.

From the earliest emergence in the 1950s of the fiercely competitive sound systems fighting sonic battles in downtown Kingston the story of Jamaican music is traced through ska, the birth of reggae, dub, roots reggae and the impact of Bob Marley to the new, harder-edged developments that have emerged in the last twenty years, including dancehall, ragga and jungle.

Record artwork
Record artwork – Reggae 45’s

Reggae Explosion contains many unpublished transcripts of interviews with key figures like Lee ‘Scratch” Perry and Prince Buster introduce the authentic voices of reggae history to Reggae Explosion – which blends deeply researched facts and rare images to create not only a sense of the pulse of the music, but also the contrasts of poverty, humour, desperation and joie de vivre that typify both the island of Jamaica and its music.

Chris Salewicz and Adrian Boot have republished Reggae Explosion as an e-book. It is available for the Amazon Kindle Worldwide and soon will be available for the Ipad and other e-book readers, Click here to view the book on or here for

Peter Tosh - Bob Marley - Lee Scratch perry
Peter Tosh – Bob Marley – Lee Scratch perry

Reggae Explosion started life in the summer of 2000 as a heated argument.  Should the project be called ReggaeXplosion or more accurately Reggae Explosion. ReggaeXplosion ( all one word ) won the day, but it didn’t last .. by the time the USA version of the book was published the name reverted to Reggae Explosion. The project was to be a book and an exhibition. On Friday 29th September 2001  ReggaeXplosion opened with with a launch party down in the brick passages and catacombs under The Roundhouse – Camden.  All of London seemed to be there and one could imagine their numbers expanded by hippies still vainly trying to find their way out of the labyrinth since back in the Sixties. The visuals are set up on the raw brick passages which radiate like spokes from the building’s central space or, a welcome touch for contributors to this site, on panels of zinc fence and corrugated iron. Rootical rub a dub sounds were provided by the Mighty Tip-A-Tone Hi-Fi to a crowd well lubricated with free Appleton Gold rum punch and Carib beer. Among the heaving mass of thirsty reggae fans jostling at the bar were spotted Mark Lamarr the radio DJ, members of Aswad, Tricky the DJ and Massive Attack associate, Gaz Mayall of Gaz’ Rockin’ Blues and all the usual reggae suspects.

Then in 2003 the exhibition was expanded and moved to Ocho Rios Jamaica where it became the ReggaeXplosion Museum ..

The Reggae Explosion exhibition
The Reggae Explosion exhibition in Jamaica

The Reggae Explosion exhibition was a major reggae event and a model of how to present reggae to a larger audience. What comes across strongly is the range and diversity of the reggae experience and how much has been accomplished in fifty years by one small island. A ’50 years of cultural firestorm’.


ReggaeXplosion in Ocho Rios Jamaica 2003ReggaeXplosion in Ocho Rios Jamaica 2003ReggaeXplosion in Ocho Rios Jamaica 2003ReggaeXplosion in Ocho Rios Jamaica 2003ReggaeXplosion in Ocho Rios Jamaica 2003ReggaeXplosion in Ocho Rios Jamaica 2003ReggaeXplosion in Ocho Rios Jamaica 2003ReggaeXplosion in Ocho Rios Jamaica 2003ReggaeXplosion in Ocho Rios Jamaica 2003ReggaeXplosion in Ocho Rios Jamaica 2003ReggaeXplosion in Ocho Rios Jamaica 2003ReggaeXplosion in Ocho Rios Jamaica 2003

You can find these events and photosession mentioned in my Biography and Timeline.  For more on  Reggae Photography go to or click on one of the links below.

Research the photo archives used to compile Reggae Explosion

ROOTS ROCK REGGAE : The artists, stars and heroes that have all help turn Reggae into a global phenomena. REGGAE DANCEHALL : Jamaican dancehall artists, music, slackness and fashion. REGGAE PRODUCERS AND POETS : Radicals, Revolutionaries and Innovators including Lee Scratch Perry. THE BOB MARLEY STORY : Bob Marley, Peter Tosh, Bunny Wailer, and the Marley family. REGGAE VIBES : Jamaican Art, Record Labels, DJ’s, Trenchtown, Sound Systems, Studios, Locations and Notting Hill Carnival. SKA AND EARLY YEARS : Reggae Pioneers. JAMAICA : Urban Jamaica, Beautiful Jamaica.

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Raï is a music style that originated in Algeria in the 1930s. It appealed to young people who sought to modernize the traditional Islamic values and attitudes.

Mansourah Tlemcen Algeria - Rai Music
Rachid Baba, Chaba Fadela, Khaled and Cheb Sahraoui at the Mansourah Tlemcen Algeria

In December 1980 I traveled with Chris Salewicz to Algeria, We had a mission to hook up with a French camera crew and shoot a short film for MTV on Algeria’s Ria music scene and I came along to shoot stills. Algeria was not a safe place then and the airport wasn’t at all welcoming. By the time we arrived the French film crew had been detained … indefinitely, and we were on our own. So after finding a video camera and microphone and avoiding police attention, our local contact drove us out of Algiers to Rachid Baba’s studio in Tlemcen. Chris did the interviews on film himself without a crew and I shot some stills. We left the country on the same day, minutes from the Police catching up with us. These photos were shot in the studio and at the ruins of al-Mansura.

Rachid Baba at the Mansourah Tlemcen Algeria
Rachid Baba at the Mansourah Tlemcen Algeria

Cheb Khaled (Khaled Hadj Ibrahim) producer. Following threats from Islamists, Khaled moved to France. Chaba Fadela is an Algerian Raï musician and actress married to Cheb Sahraoui. She was the first woman to defy the ban on women singing in clubs. Rachid Baba Ahmed is an Algerian musical producer with a studio based in Tlemcen who pioneered Ria music. He was murdered by Islamic fundamentalists in 1995, outside his record store in Oran.

You can find these events and photosessions mentioned in my Biography and Timeline.  For more photography go to


BABYLON ON A THIN WIRE  “Once upon a time in Jamaica”

Following is an excerpt by Michael Thomas from Babylon on a Thin Wire. The classic book by Michael Thomas and Adrian Boot will be available in a  new hardback edition text in English with a French translation.

Bob Marley with Micheal Manley
Bob Marley with Micheal Manley and Eddie Seaga at Peace Concert 1978

 You can view the full “Babylon on a Thin Wire” gallery here.

Babylon on a Thin Wire
Reggae Poster and book cover

Flick it!  Excuse me?  FLICK IT!  This is a bit rich.  I’m standing stripped to my sox with my dick in my hand in an empty cell behind one of those doors you see at the airport, says NO ENTRY, and this little battyboy wants me to play with myself.  How lucky can you get?  I’ve run into the only gay cop in Jamaica.  Country half the size of Wales, popn the size of Wolverhampton, where sodomy is not just against the law, not just a criminal offence, it’s a slur on the manly honor of a proud and virile nation, the world’s most over-publicised queer-bashing fag-phobic pillow-biter-hating poofter-averse society west of Turkey and Tehran – there’s always one, and I’m looking at him and he’s looking at me and he’s smirking.  Flick it.  He knows I’m gonna do it, I have no choice, he is THE LAW.  There have been some changes made in Jamaica since this book first came out, but some traditions die hard, ie we both know this little turd-burglar’s got my nuts in a vice, he can at a moment of his choosing pinch a couple g’s from his pocket and tell the judge he found it up my ass…

Jukebox at First and Last Bar Port Antonio 1972
Jukebox at First and Last Bar Port Antonio 1972

May 2010, thirty years after The Harder They Come, Dudus is on the run.  Kingston’s locked down, I’m getting desperate emails from Michelle she’s too scared to leave the house, it’s a massacre out there, they’re shooting people on sight as the police took on the Shower Posse and war broke out on the streets of Tivoli Gardens.  They call ‘em the Shower Posse because that’s the way they shoot at you.  72 people died before they got him in the end, it was the biggest manhunt on the island since Jimmy Cliff died shooting back on Lime Key in The Harder They Come and that was a movie.  Christopher Coke, the dude they call Dudus, is a prominent local businessman with friends in high places on backslapping terms with the leadership of the JLP, the Prime Minister himself is the MP for Tivoli Gardens and that’s Dudus’s garrison, the Shower Posse are his brethren, the Feds reckon he’s shifted more coke into the USA in the last few years than BP pumps guava jelly.  The cops wanted to headlock Dudus before the Americans got him and extradited him and he starts naming names ..

Gun Court Jamaica's place of Indefinite Detention - Kingston Jamaica 1973
Gun Court Jamaica’s place of Indefinite Detention – Kingston Jamaica 1973

Flick it for Sullivan, nuh.  Whuh? He’s taking the piss. He’s pushing my APPREHENDABILITY to the max.  Sullivan sticks his head round the door, but he’s not interested, he averts his gaze, he has to put up with this little weasel day in and day out:  Sullivan’s interested in my Timberlands.  He’s thinking about trying them on for size.  He doesn’t say anything, he just boulders his shoulders and bunches his brows and flares his nostrils and he looks at me like a gorilla looks at a gnat and he whispers:  SSSTRONNNG BOOTSSS.

I’m not in the mood for this.  I need sleep.  It’s been a long week, we’ve been rimmin it all over the island in Flugie’s bus, I miss this flight there’s not another one till Wednesday.  I’m here to move the ball, I have friends in high places too, I’m practically a guest of the government.  But the urine test never lies.  Five minutes ago, I’m checking in at Virgin in Montego Bay and this gringo pulls me out of the line and searches my bag.  He’s just going thru the motions, it’s too hot, he’s homesick, his hopes fade fast, but the girl cop’s not giving up, she’s burrowing like a badger in my laundry, chucking stuff over her shoulder, she’s sniffing my spoor, she’s on fire –  You sure about this?  I FEEEL IT! –

The man from the Yard gives my passport back, I check in etc, but it’s a trap. Gilbert and Sullivan are waiting for me airside. Now he has proof: my urine test is telling him my blood reeks of ganja, and the urine test is EVI-DENCE! FOOL PROOF! FI-NAL!  Frankly, I’m not amazed.  I’d be stunned if it came up anything different. Where do we go from here?  Sullivan did the driving.  We got to the Mobay District Hospital and this is the kind of little everyday setback you have to take in your stride in Jamaica:  the X-Ray’s broke.  Heh heh.  Flick it yourself, Gilbert!  Times like this, you dial up an Indian.  Dr Mukherjee shows up, and a five year old girl in the ghetto could’ve told you this:  the X-Ray’s not plugged in.  I hate to wipe the smirk off your face:  X-Ray comes up empty.  There are no johnnies full of dandruff in my belly ..

Police check out Tuff Gong - ~Bob prevents them talking to the gang Leaders who arrived for a press conference
Police check out Tuff Gong – Bob prevents them talking to the gang Leaders who arrived for a press conference

I walked into a profile.  Who knew?  The Virgin girls on the plane tell me Dudus and the boys got fed up with all their silly babymothers getting busted at Heathrow, these days they look for panache, they employ louche war-weary silver-haired vets of a certain vintage as the mules de jour.  Dudus didn’t fight the extradition, he knew better than that:  he didn’t want to die in a fire in a cell in the lockup in Spanish Town like his father did so the Feds got their man.  What everybody’s talking about now, what’s keeping the friends and family of the leadership of the JLP awake at night is this:  will he spill the beans?  What’s the fucking package!

The politicisation of crime and the criminalisation of politics goes back a long way, to the Manley years.  This book came out back then, when I was opening the batting at Rolling Stone and we put Bob Marley on the front page, it’s the story of the Manley years, when the guns came to town and Johnny Too Bad took over the house – and at the same time wherever you went on the planet it didn’t matter, you could be rotting in a hammock on the West Coast of Guadalcanal or knee-deep in neon in a karaoke bar in Tokyo, somebody was singing along to No Woman No Cry.  Things have changed, Michael Manley died in his bed a few years ago, New Kingston’s globalized, there are Russian hookers in the clubs on Beeston Street, there’s a KFC in every stripmall, everybody’s got a pay-as-you-go from Digicel etc.  Blackwell’s old plantation house up at Strawberry Hill where Island used to send all their shellshocked rock stars for rehab got blown away by the hurricane, these days it’s a fivestar resort with infiniti pools etc.  56 Hope Rd, where global Jamaica was hatched, the old pink house that was Island’s HQ and later His Bobness’s residence is now the Bob Marley Museum.  Hellshire Beach, where we found Countryman juggling live fish used to be a stretch of sand with a couple shacks, you had to have a 4×4 to get there.  These days it’s 40 minutes on the motorway, it’s a teeming favela full of rum bars and old Rastas like my mate Electric-Power selling tonic to stretch your ejaculation to BREAK-ING POINT etc.  But the waves roll in, the way they always have and always will ..

Charlie Ace’s Swing-a-Ling mobile record and recording shop and studio - 1973
Charlie Ace’s Swing-a-Ling mobile record and recording shop and studio – 1973

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You can find these events and photosessions mentioned in my Biography and Timeline.  For more photography go to

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Its 1979 and I am in New York. Photographing the NY Punk scene for the Melody Maker. Sunday was my last day, and I was looking forward to a late brunch, a bit of shopping and then on to the airport for the night flight home. Instead a record company car picks me up from the Gramercy Park Hotel at the crack of dawn on an early spring Sunday morning. I don’t know how I was talked into doing this last minute photosession. I had never heard of Suicide but figured they were important. It had to be early, I had to pack and check out of the hotel by noon.  The taxi travelled through empty streets towards a run down part of New York, I can’t remember exactly which part of NY, but it was a very down market part of town.

Continue reading SUICIDE IN NEW YORK


USSR Winter 1988 – Chris Salewicz, Billy Bragg, Peter Jenner and myself take a winter break in the Soviet Union USSR. The stories that unfolded during this cold war vacation became the subject of a book called Midnights in Moscow published the following year. The following is an extract from this book.. with thanks to Chris, PJ and Omnibus Press

USSR – “The wind that whips off the frozen Moskva river and up to the broad steps of the Hotel Ukraine cuts through your thermal underwear like a Cossack’s sabre. It is bone-chillingly cold, as it invariably is in Moscow in late November at one in the morning.

On the steps of the 30-storey, showcase hotel, a rather curious scenario is being enacted. Billy Bragg, his manager Peter Jenner, his guitarist blood-brother Wiggy, and a good dozen USSR companions have disgorged from an Intourist coach that has brought them from the Olympic Village on the outskirts of Moscow. There, Billy Bragg has that evening played the last of several shows, each time before an audience of 6,000, in the weight-lifting hall constructed for the 1980 Olympics. Continue reading BACK IN THE USSR